In Their Footsteps: Why You’re Reading This Blog

Footprints and handprints of Hollywood legends outside of Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Hi! Welcome to Cooler Than Me Blog, which has nothing to do with the song by Mike Posner, but everything to do with genuine cool people and a series of events that I will briefly describe in a second.

Cooler Than Me Blog is where I’m going to write down the questions I ask of businessmen, celebrities, and every other kind of person who is good at what they do—in essence, this blog is all about people who are ‘cooler than me’. I aim to stretch myself and contact people it seems impossible to get a hold of, but I’m also going to write about what I learn from people you probably haven’t heard of, who are equally as cool in their respective areas of expertise.

In 2012 I attended an event called First Steps to Success, a business, communication, and life training seminar taught by multi-millionaire, Dani Johnson. It’s hard to explain exactly what Dani teaches in this seminar, but what I can tell you is that going to First Steps to Success changed my life.

Before attending First Steps to Success, I was an aspiring writer, musician, and filmmaker with absolutely no direction; I was struggling in my faith; I was a prisoner to fear; and my relationships were suffering from a seemingly impassable communication barrier. After attending First Steps to Success and continuing to plug in to the monthly events and radio shows, I now have vision and hope for my career; I have a strong faith in God; I rebuke all fear in the name of Jesus; and I have amazing relationships with people in my life I thought it would be impossible to have.

I’m the same person, with the same background and upbringing, but the course of my life is forever and remarkably changed. I am so grateful to God for his undeserved love and grace that is so obviously visible in the doors he has opened for me and in the way he has told other people in my life (usually my mom) to push me through these doors when I won’t walk through them on my own.

Becoming a part of the Dani Johnson community has led to many incredible things, one of which was beginning to read the 4-Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss. In his book, Ferriss talks about his challenge to a group of Princeton students to get in contact with a number of high-profile celebrities and CEO’s, ask a question they’ve always wanted to ask, and get it answered.

This challenge, combined with something Dani Johnson frequently says: “Find someone who has what you want and do what they do,”  has led us to this point in our lives—me writing, you reading.

I hope that you will get something from this blog, that you’ll choose to take your education into your own hands, and that you’ll find yourself taking every opportunity to learn from people who are cooler than you—and follow in their footsteps.

–Always, Sara

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